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Stock Forecasters

A Stock Forecaster is a software dedicated to one stock. It computes about 3,000 variables everyday to extract a market trend and an advice. Stock Forecasters monitor US stocks that belongs to S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones to alert investors with buy or sell signals.

The more bullish Stock Forecaster on Dow Jones

Stock prices and forecasts
for 3M CO stock on 10/20/16

The more bearish Stock Forecaster on Dow Jones

Stock prices and forecasts
for BOEING CO stock on 10/20/16

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers are using Stock Forecasters' forecasts and advices to manage a portfolio. It exists different kind of Portfolio Managers, each with its own investment strategy that depends on its investment horizon : short term, mid term or long term.

Portfolio performances

Since 2013 Since 2016
NAS10L1 17.53 15.48
NAS10LS2 20.81 12.96
S&P15LS3 21.71 12.32
DOW5LS3 1.62 11.83
NAS10L2 30.07 11.08
Dow Jones 22.47 4.62

Last winning trades

10/20 DOW5L1 Long on COCA-COLA CO 0.05
10/20 NAS10LS2 Short on LIBERTY GLOBAL OR. 3.14
10/20 S&P15LS2 Short on MYLAN INC. 10.22
10/20 S&P15LS1 Short on NORFOLK SOUTHERN . 0.26
10/20 S&P15L1 Long on SCHLUMBERGER LTD 0.55
10/20 NAS10LS2 Long on T-MOBILE US INC. 0.25
10/19 DOW5LS3 Short on AMERICAN EXPRESS . 5.77
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